Student Services | Sports/Gymkhana Department

Sports / Gymkhana Department:

The sports department is dedicated department of the college, having its own building in the college campus. The dept. aims to promote player mindset among the students. The coordinator aims to perform sport events on individual, group basis among the students. The gymkhana arranges teams and deputes students in various competitions to the university state level events. The dept. is active in promoting cricket, Kho- kho, Kabbaddi, at intercollegiate level University level. The grants provided by the various sources extended to the students.


  • To provide platform for the future players athletes
  • To encourage team spirit.
  • To Provide healthy guidance to the students
  • To bring sporty culture at college level
  • To encourage players at high level events.

Sport Coordinators:

Dr. Hemant Mukane             :              Coordinator
Prof. Anant Awale                 :              Co-coordinator
Prof. Shailesh T.  Bagdane   :              Member
Prof. V. T. Khatale                :               Member