Gokhale Education Society at a Glance

Gokhale Education Society
ज्ञान प्राप्तीस्तु भक्तीत:
Above Self …Above Politics
“Quest for Excellence & Quality Education for All”

Society at Glance

The Gokhale Education Society was founded on 19th February 1918, on the third death anniversary of Namdar Gopal Krushna Gokhale, by his illustrious disciple late Principal T. A. Kulkarni, who was a great social worker. Society has completed 100 years of useful existence and has today more than 140 units spread over three zones Mumbai, Nashik, Thane-Palghar catering 1.25 lakhs pupils as is one of the oldest and pioneering educational institution established with the main objectives of developing quality citizens through education and training and to raise the dignity of teaching profession. The society has all along emphasized the holistic approach and total personality development of pupils, through educational programmes undertaken on the basis of service and dynamic leadership. The society is a veritable banyan tree. A number of branches of the Society have like its descending shoots taken roots in the ground and strengthened it.

The Gokhale education society is committed to the cause of student empowerment through access to education at all levels particularly higher education, to have world class citizenship through relevant courses under formal and informal streams. Further the society is committed to raise the dignity of the teaching profession and establish a culture of caring and excellence by providing a wide range of professional and vocational courses for poor and downtrodden as also for the adivasis and backwards to meet the changing socio-economic needs with human values and social responsibility. To achieve excellence with total quality in all activities of lifelong learning is the main motive of Gokhale Education Society.

Salient Features :

  • Society’s mission is to provide value-embedded quality technical education through – a) curriculum development, b) updated faculty training and retraining, c) building linkages for developing confidence, creativity and synergy, and d) establish identity by selfless, ceaseless and fearless work through its dedicated staff.
  • Society is entirely managed by teachers. All the members of the Governing Body are necessarily required to be Life Member teachers. More than 50 out of 60 members of Senate the appex body, have to be Teachers.
  • Society’s all Colleges are NAAC Accredited.
  • All colleges (Senior/Junior) & High Schools, as well as Pre-Primary and Primary Units of the Society are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • This is one of the Pioneer Institution, providing education at all levels K.G. to P.G. and beyond for the adivasis and the downtrodden, in this part of the country.
  • Full academic freedom to teachers for innovation and development.
  • Society’s colleges have permanent affiliation and recognition for PhD programme.
  • Extensive use of ICT in Teaching & Learning Process.
  • Mobile Laboratory/Commerce Museum for making higher education more pragmatic.
  • Introduction of application oriented courses relevant to changing times.
  • Higher Education is made entrepreneurial through seminar as a method of learning, Group Discussions, Project Work, Placement Cell and Research & Innovation Centre.
  • Appex institutions include staff training academy, E-research cell, Science & Technology park and publication of Research Journal as regular activities.

Pillars of the Society

Prin. S. B. Pandit
President & Chairman

Dr. R. J. Gujarathi
Vice Chairman

Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi
Secretary & Director General

Dr. Mrs. Deepti Deshpande
Director (HR)

Shri. P. M. Deshpande
Director (Project)

Shri. S. M. Gosavi
Director (E&M)

Zonal Secretaries
Prin. P. A. Raut (Palghar Zone)
Dr. Mrs. S. V. Sant (Mumbai Zone)
Dr. R. M. Kulkarni (Nashik Zone)


You can visit www.gesociety.in for more details