Secretary Desk

Sir Dr. M.S. Gosavi

[Ph.D ( Bus. Administration ) M.Com. B. A., L.L.B., Sahityacharya]

Teacher is an important member of any educational institution. It is believed that teacher’s dedication and performance are the most important factor in determining the quality education and administration. Teaching, being a profession, bestows the practitioners, some degree of autonomy in their classroom; but larger institutional decisions affecting their work are still controlled by administrators. Empowerment of Teachers therefore is key factor in the direction of organizational development. Empowerment has been defined as a process whereby the participants develop the competence to take charge of their own growth and resolve their own problems. Empowered individuals believe that they have the skills and knowledge to act on a situation and improve it. Empowered institutions are organizations that create opportunities for competence to be developed and displayed. Today’s society having fierce competition has to meet three challenges of Modern Youth: Intellectually, how to make them superior? Technically, how to make them more competent? Ethically, how to make them sound and strong? It is only through Quality Teachers and innovative practices that these challenges can be met. Teacher-educator must therefore arise to this situation and convert the challenges into opportunity.

Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi
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